After playing and improvising, but solely touching onto songwriting in their first years, The Pins soon gathered a bandwidth of different original motifs and ideas. This is when the band decided to spend 5 days in summer 2019, to live together in a little house in the middle of nowhere. Here, far from any agitation, they could focus on channeling all creative energy on writing and finishing as many high quality original songs as possible.

Besides the outward feeling of being on a holiday with friends, the inward productive atmosphere facilitated the formation of six original compositions, involving everyone’s work and creativity. Very soon on this trip, The Pins had figured out a strategy – to take a musical idea and give it a name. Hence, this would set an orientation for both the music, as well as lyrics and melody, kickstarting a time-effective team effort. 

While songs like ‘Solo’ or ‘Want Some’ are dedicated to personal situations, songs such as 

Finally! Our first single ever ‚Italian Food‘ is out now!!!

If you like it then please feel free to share it. it is available for download and streaming on all digital music-plattforms . You can also look forward to our Debut EP ‚Strike‘ which will be released on 26/06/20.


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„The Pins“ LIVE  im Cascadas, Hamburg, Februar 2020
Solide Drumbeats, funky Basslines kombiniert mit groovigen Gitarrenriffs und bluesy Keys.
Kamera: Björn Lendholt