It's the way it makes me feel...,

this lyric of ‚Italian Food‘, one of the songs that are being released on The Pins‚ upcoming Debut EP ‘Strike’, perfectly captures the atmosphere of how well all members of this group chime in with each other when connecting through music.

Born and bred in the beautifully multicultural city of Hamburg, Germany, the ‚Pins-Sound‘ features multifaceted effects, ranging from traditional, funky instrumental breaks to illusional talk- and synth transitions. 

The journey of achieving this specific sound, had its beginning in 2015. One year later the core of The Pins was established through connections made between what is now The Pins‚ rhythm section (Lenny, Max, Oscar & Paul). To complete the first line-up of the band, The Pins‚ lead singer Nisa joined in 2017. Throughout the next period of making music, The Pins realised two missing main aspects, to fully implement its desired style. Hence, half a year later, The Pins was joined by a brass section (Greta, Jordi & Leander) and gained further input in songwriting and vocal aspects by Liz

Simultaneously to participating and achieving highly in music contests such as ‘Jugent Jazzt’ or ‘SPH Band Contest’, The Pins gathered a bandwidth of different ideas for original songs. This is when the band decided to spend five days in summer, to live together in a little house in the middle of nowhere. Here far from any agitation, they could focus on channeling all creative energy to write and finish as many original songs as possible.

The upcoming Debut EP will be the direct reflection of the results The Pins achieved in that week. It is a milestone of great meaning, also in a sense of self reflection and realistic imagination of future goals for this lively bunch of young musicians. 

>Inspired by artists such as Marcus Miller, Amy Winehouse and Snarky Puppy, The Pins are releasing their Debut EP ‘Strike’ in June 2020.<

With this band, every possible opportunity to spread the ‘Pins-Sound’ and to convey this ‘Pins-specific’ atmosphere is used, ranging from busking sessions on a free afternoon to booking availability for events. That being said, The Pins’ repertoire covers a wide range of songs. This varies from vocal, and instrumental classics such as ‘Superstition’ or ‘Frankenstein’, over neo-soul releases such as ‘Disco Yes’, to originals that go beyond the content of the upcoming debut EP. Furthermore this list of repertoire is constantly adjusting and extending. Essentially, The Pins is not just a band, or music, but a whole experience you would not want to miss out on!

Nisa Rezaeian (voc)
Nisa Razaeian* (voc)

Whether it is singing deep and laid back melodies, leading on runs, or conveying all the power of hooks in high registers, Nisa does all of it with ease. Her strong and driving voice adds highly to The Pins’ recognition value.

Liz Mueller
Liz Müller (voc)

From writing poetic and emotional lyrics and melodies to creating various vocal harmonies, Liz is involved in several aspects of The Pins’ music. Her tendency to challenge herself and others musically leads to time signature and key changes that have become a typical part of the ‘Pins-sound’.

Greta Hirsch
Greta Hirsch (sax)

Especially known for her solo in The Pins’ earliest original ‘The Point of It’, Greta never ceases to entertain and convey positive energy, both in rehearsals and on stage. She does this both musically, and by being responsible for choreographies.

Jordi Roviró (trumpet)

Despite being one of the youngest in the band, Jordi’s skills on the trumpet are unbelievable. From figuring out the perfect brass movements to performing astonishing live solos, what Jordi adds to The Pins in terms of music is simply wicked.

Leander Paul
Leander Paul (trb)

Brass movements and breaks are not complete without the sound of his trombone. Leander is rounding off the tone of The Pins’ brass movements, as part of this coordinated team of a brass section.

Oscar Hirsch
Oscar Hirsch (git)

Both in solos, or rhythmic accompaniments to leave room for other elements of sound, Oscar knows how to make the most of his parts. Whether it is bringing song ideas to The Pins that are ready to be implemented, varying the ‘Pins-soundwith effects such as a vocoder, or playing laid back improvisation, Oscar adds a vast amount of character to the band.

Lennard Simon
Lennard Simon (keys)

Trustfully starting, and ending a number of songs from The Pins’ repertoire, the band puts a lot of faith into this key player, especially live. Whether it is improvisation or his way of playing when covering, Lennard never fails to add the jazzy touch to the ‘Pins-sound’ formula. 

Paul Polster
Paul Polster (bass)

Never ceasing to amaze with a funky bass solo, Paul, with his love for slap bass flourishes, ensures that the groove is on. Being a founding member of The Pins he knows the band’s strengths and ensures that those are expressed to their fullest potential. 

Max Jeschonowski
Max Jeschonoesky (dr)

By most being seen as the dad/grandfather of the group, Max takes any challenge of a time signature and makes it seem easy. Without a drummer as tight and invested into the styles that The Pins combines as he is, this band would not be where it is today. 

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